Since forming in 2017, Banstead Village in Bloom has been praised and thanked by many people. Our volunteers are regularly thanked when they are working in the village and other residents email and leave comments on Facebook. Here are some of the kind words people have written.

They are doing a marvellous job. Well done!

Elaine Burtenshaw-Evans

'Many thanks for all your hard work, your efforts are brightening our

village and lives'

Flis & George Webb

So well done to everyone involved

in Banstead in Bloom.
Thank you from all Bansteadians🙌

Pam & Roger

Thank you and thank all involved
Michael Bath

Thank you to those that make the

village look beautiful

Sharon Dawson

Well done ladies. Thank you...

Toki Mitchell

Saw a lady planting these this morning & tending the beds. Our village is a real joy to belong to & pass through. Everyone

be sure to keep your chins up &

your hearts full of support for all.

Colin Mander

Great work BViB, Banstead

village looks lovely

Joe Shean

Thanks to all the lovely people who were tidying up

the trees yesterday along Winkworth Road.

Kathleen Churchley

See you all down Holly Lane

doing a great job

Stuart Aires

I saw you all in the soaking

rain you stars!!

Alison O'Gorman

Well done BVIB - building a better Banstead

Gary Eversfield

We saw someone doing this - it looks so lovely, great community spirit!

Shellie Dormand-Bean

Yes well done the BVIB volunteers, I’m sorry I couldn’t join you. You are doing a grand job.

Brian Ransom

As always you make our village

stand out. Thank you

Gillian Anderson

Fantastic job your all doing really

notice the difference xxx

Tracey Searle

That's so lovely and something to brighten our spirits x thank you

Nike Hoskins

I think you are really good to do this... it is very much appreciated...thank you very much!

Heather Matthew Moug

Yes they look lovely thank you all so much you for keeping Banstead a place to be proud to live in

Linda McPartlin

I’d also like to say thank you. I often drive up Holly Lane on my way to work and see you all out with your purple sacks. Thank you for contributing to our brilliant community,

we are so lucky to live here

Claire Robertson

You all do such a great job I don't live in Banstead but travel through and visit all.the time. It looks so lovely. Thanks Tania x The Lady Gardener x

Tania Thurgood

Banstead is the best it's ever looked! Huge well done and thank you to you all

Ellie Poge

We drive pass these amazing bikes on the way our daughters they look wonderful.

Pam Bentley

I’ve just driven round the memorial roundabout and it’s looking stunning. Well done to all the volunteers who’ve worked so hard.

Claire Robertson

The bicycles look amazing. All of the hard work has been really appreciated by myself and my family every time we pass by

Jenny Sturgess

Looks wonderful - Thank you

volunteers you do an amazing job

Gwyn Lockett

Fantastic! Well done all,

really appreciated

Chris Creasy

It's lovely to see Banstead looking so good , where i was born and grew up

Fiona Stewart

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